About the City of Varna

Varna's origins back to almost five millennia, but it wasn't until seafaring Greeks founded a colony here in 585 BC that the town became a port. The modern city is both a shipyard and port for incoming freighters and the navy, and a riviera town visited by tourists of every nationality. It's a cosmopolitan place and a nice one to scroll through: Baroque, turn-of-the-century and contemporary architecture pleasantly blended with shady promenades and a handsome seaside garden.

This site aims to promote further Varna as famous and popular place and tries to provide you with a virtual catalogue of Varna sights and entertainments.


Near the port of Varna, the oldest gold treasure in the world (dated from 4,500 BC) was found In 1972; an ancient necropolis with 280 tombs and 3,010 golden objects were found weighing over 6 kg altogether. According to experts it is the oldest processed gold ever found in Europe.

Today Varna is the largest city on Bulgaria's Black Sea coast and is the main port for both naval and commercial shipping. Because it is a close neighbor to the popular coastal resorts of Golden Sands, St. Constantine & Helena, and Albena, Varna has a cosmopolitan atmosphere. Varna is also the host city of numerous prestigious cultural events.

The city lies in the Bay of Varna, nestled in a deep valley between the Frengen Plareau and the Avren Plateau. Varna is over 110 km long, while its width, including newly erected residential quarters, is nearly 9km. The city’s structure resembles an amphitheatre as it follows the curves of the Bay of Varna. It is surrounded by gardens, vineyards and groves.

During occupation by Turkish forces in the last decades of the 14th century, Varna preserved its significance as a port and trade center. As Bulgaria fell under the Ottoman yoke, the only bearers of the Bulgarian cultural tradition remained within the folklore, the people's festivities, and the church paintings.

In 1881, after the liberation, the mayor of Varna Mihail Koloni brought up the question about a modern public park. His offer was at first scoffed by the local municipal councilors but a fund for the project was granted. Soon the park enlarged to 26 decares, 130 trees were planted, paths were cleared and ''towards nightfall alleys thronged by a long train of gentlemen and dressed-up ladies''.

Varna lies on the same latitude of the famous Atlantic resorts Bayonne and Biarritz in France, on a large, flat and high terrace on the northwestern most curve of the bay which juts some 7 km inland.

Cultural events at Varna - The Sea Capital Of Bulgaria !

Varna hosts many international and domestic cultural events. Every year from May till the beginning of October Varna turns into a croasroad of artists who work in the field of music, the theatre and dance.

Music Weeks were held for the first time in Varna in 1926. They set the beginning of the International Art Festival Varna Summer. 
The May Choral Competition is held at the end of May. At the begginging of June actors and lovers of the theathre come to Varna from all over the world for the theatre festival. June and July are dedicated to classical music. The Jazz fest and the International Folklore Festival are held in August.

Do doubt the two autumn film festivals - Love Is Fully and the Biennale of Bulgarian Film - The Golden Rose, attract numerous fans of the film art. 
Every two years the close of the festival summer in Varna is marked by the Internation Festival of Puppet Theatres - the Golden Dolphin.

One of the most prestiguous cultural events is the International Ballet Competition. It was founded in 1964 and is a biannual event.  

The resort of Golden Sands keeps the tradition to organize festival and cultural events in the summer months. The magnificent festival of masked dancers is a vivid illustration of the Bulgarian folklore. The two festivals - Jazz and Rock - attract a growing number of young people.  

There is a full schedule of Varna events:

Song about Varna Competition, March

Frederic Chopin National Competition for young piano players

Prof. Georgi Dimitrov International May Choir 
Competition May

Varna Summer International Festival, June-July

International Ballet Competition, July

Varna Summer International Jazz Festival, August

Varna 2001 International Folklore Festival August

Day of Varna, August 15

"Love is Folly" International Film Festival, September

International Festival of the Popular Urban Song



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